L][Moon - Linage II H5 server

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Website: l2moon.ruPlay
Chronicles: High Five | High Five
Type: Beginner's bonus | OBT launch
Rate: x50 | x8
Status: Online
Online: 0
Votes: 2
Transitions: 521
Review: 1
Social media.:
Added: 14/11/23
Ratings: x50 (there is a mistake in the server name - it is x8 because of a bug in the last build).
Starting VIP: x2 for a week
Underleveling of mobs and bosses: 50%
Reduction in the number of players for farming bosses
Auto-learning skills
Offline Trade
Voting Rewards: x3 (15 coins and 1.5 million aden) for top
Pushkon merchant with Mammon features

Community Board (Alt+B):
Buffs: valid for 24 hours (FIZ, MAG)
Teleporters: access to various locations and catacombs
Store: items for various currencies (CoL Donate, Voting, Adena)
Personal Cabinet: change of nickname color, Premium and more

Game servers

Name Country Rate Online Type Голосовать
Blood Moon x50
x50 0 Beginner's bonus
Moonlight x8
x8 0 OBT launch

Reviews for project L][Moon - Linage II H5 server

sol***( )
Date: 14/11/2023

Здесь я нашел не только захватывающие бои и крутые квесты, но и настоящих друзей. Сервер полон азарта, отличного комьюнити и эпических моментов. С нетерпением жду каждой игровой сессии. Верный выбор для тех, кто ищет не только развлечение, но и настоящее виртуальное приключение!

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